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Noventum provides software development as a service. We create and modify software systems. Our team performs data analysis and custom reporting. We analyze unstructured data and bizarrely structured data to help give business owners peace of mind. That way, our clients can create in the outside world and we create through the digital world. Noventum = Innovation meets Transformation.






Sara Ford

Noventum Custom Software is a thoroughly professional organization made up of intelligent, innovative and creative individuals, who are all easy to work with, delightful in fact.

A special bonus: they’re compassionate, caring, and reliable as well. I had to leave matters in their hands for a while. Owner Brian Stinar stepped in and took care of everything I needed. I would recommend Noventum Custom Software to anyone.

Sara Ford

Joe Cardillo

Brian and the team at Noventum are smart, responsive, and always listen closely + look for opportunities to help clients level up. Definitely worth working with when it comes to web development, design, e-commerce, integrations, and anything that involves the digital world.

Joe Cardillo

Avatrine Financial

Brian and his team are reliable, smart, quick to respond and always go above and beyond. Who knew working with an IT company would be so much fun! Thank you to the whole team!

Kayla Hebb

Oakley Studio

We’ve been working with Brian Stinar and Noventum, LLC for all our server scripting – these guys rock when it comes to automating server processes! It’s how we can offer a very streamlined service and get your site up and running fast.

Peter Oakley

Diana Kirkpatrick

I’ve used Noventum for website services for several years and they have always been very responsive and professional. In August they designed a whole new email program for my monthly newsletter in a rush. The “new” newsletter is an improved version that I can easily manage myself. I really appreciated their assistance to help me get my August issue out the door.
Thanks Brian and Ngoc for all the hard work – it looks great!
Diana Kirkpatrick

Oakley Studio

I appreciate the work and deep technical skills of team Noventum – Custom software programmers, designers, and marketers, led by the owner Brian Stinar. This week he came to the rescue when I inadvertently locked all administrators out of an Oakley Studio staging server. Yikes! Brian helped me think through the problem, develop a solution, and restore the server back to good working order in under an hour!

I am happy to recommend Brian and Noventum to any business owners dealing with challenging web-based issues that need solving. Visit my website: www.oakleystudio.com

Peter Oakley


We are proud of our work and want to show it off to you. Here are projects we're working on. If one of them aligns with what you want to do, call us.


Starting with the interview, Brian shares the idea behind the company's inception. He beams that he and his friend founded Noventum in 2008, anticipating a contract that never materialized. “When I was ready to focus on the business full-time and didn't want to change our stationary, I bought him out for $350 in 2012 because he paid the LLC filing fees and stationary. Plus, I liked the name his wife chose: "Noventum - it sounds Latin but it isn't."

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The development industry has managed to explode in popularity in the past decade or so. Thanks to the opportunities it provides for companies and businesses, that’s why development projects continue to create immeasurable impact in almost all industries. Companies like Noventum Custom Software Development have been at the forefront of this technological uprising!

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Amy Biehl High School, an Albuquerque charter school, employs a school management system also used by 10,000 to 20,000 schools. The vendor for this system wanted to charge Amy Biehl High School $7,000 to change the labels on a form from “father’s name” and “mother’s name” to “guardian 1” and “guardian 2.” Noventum built a WordPress plugin that talks with the student management system, via supported and unsupported APIs, so that these these forms could be managed in WordPress. Total cost for this solution? Only $2,000.

Noventum has explicit rights so we can sell this software to other people, and Amy Biehl has a perpetual single-site license. This product exists and has been sold/developed for one customer. It is live. The vendor has already contacted us, multiple times, regarding the technological pushes we made while understanding how to integrate with their system. The vendor is interested in learning more about what we do and why we asked the questions we asked.

We effectively created a one-step install that creates a new WordPress site (including DNS entries) based on a form submission from within WordPress for Oakley Studio. This product exists and has been sold/developed for one customer. It is live here. When you signup for their service, you immediately have a WordPress site, which resolves. This saves Oakley Studios 15-30 minutes every time a new customer signs up, and creates an automatic system for a business process. There are many boutique development shops like Oakley Studio. Just in Albuquerque, three other development companies are interested in this product.


Brian Stinar
Brian StinarFounder | CEO
Brian has bachelor's and master’s degrees in computer science and has led Noventum since 2012. In his free time, he plays a mean handball game, practices Russian with his beautiful wife, and works on home improvement projects.
Alex Stinar
Alex StinarNoventum Mascot
Despite his young age, Alex is recognized as a true enthusiast. He plays an important role in our outdoor activities and team outings.
Nadya Kimbar
Nadya KimbarAccountant
Nadya is pursuing her second Master's degree in Business at the University of New Mexico. She has a variety of experiences in Logistics and Sales. At Noventum, Nadya is responsible for Noventum's accounting as well as administrative work.
Anwar Argimbayev
Anwar ArgimbayevProgrammer
Anwar was Noventum's first hire and helps on the most technical challenges. He lives in Kazakhstan and plays Native American flute. He has vast experience in WordPress, Drupal, and Salesforce.
Pavel Shlyakhovskii
Pavel ShlyakhovskiiProgrammer
Pavel Shlyakhovski was a subway engineer until he found his profound interest in programming when studying PHP, and MySql for web development as a hobby. Besides, he loves to create attractive animations and graphics using ScrollMagic, GSAP, and Anume.js
Ivan Burakov
Ivan BurakovProgrammer
Ivan is a versatile software developer with a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering. He excels in crafting dynamic web applications and eagerly leverages his growing knowledge of popular frameworks. Outside of coding, Ivan enjoys game development, playing the guitar, and staying active through various sports.
Yehor Kosiak
Yehor KosiakProgrammer
Yegor is a software engineer who demonstrates flexibility and quick thinking in the field of technology. He has a strong passion for creating impressive web applications and possesses a high level of skill and knowledge. He takes great pleasure in exploring new places, trying different types of food, and immersing himself in the world of music.
Oleg Semenov
Oleg SemenovProgrammer
Oleg is from Kazakhstan. He went to UNM and graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He spent time working with an educational software startup in New York called Knewton. He has worked for Google developing their cloud capability for Dataflow and Apache Beam, and is most familiar with the Java ecosystem. A fun fact about Oleg is he has lived in three out of four states that start with New and likes most of the outdoor activities here in New Mexico.
Matthew Ward
Matthew WardOffice Coordinator
Matthew is working as an office coordinator at Noventum Custom Software where he manages business operations, client management, project management, and building websites.


Noventum is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We enjoy interacting with locals and also serve clients across the country and around the world.