Project Description

For our customer Online Web Services, Noventum™ built out internationalization (i18n) for their web application. What this means is that previously, their application was only available in English. They wanted it available for Spanish-speaking people in the U.S. and French speaking people in Canada. We integrated with an existing, off-the-shelf, i18n plugin for their Angular application, getting their app translated into French and Spanish. We used Transifex as our translation management vendor, and used the translation services which Transifex integrates with. What that means is that Transifex stores all of our resources (English files that need translation in our case), keeps track of the different versions, and makes it easy to hire translators to work on those resources. They are basically a translation project management system. This gets complicated when dealing with MANY languages, and they keep everything organized. We used Transifex because of previous good experiences with them on other clients about four years ago, and were happy with the current experience too.