Project Description

For about three months Noventum™ has been working with a new custom software client, Online Web Services Inc. based out of Mancos, Colorado. They offer Software as a Service (SaaS) for agencies which track court case, case victim, victim service, and victim advocacy data. As they only had one developer creating a whole new version of their software, they needed software development help. Noventum™ was able to contact an owner of OWS and after a few meetings and agreements, Noventum™ has worked to be a great asset to their technical team. So far, we’ve helped introduce a complete API documentation and testing solution, sped up their homepage by up to 4X (10 second load time to 2.5 seconds), reviewed scaling and profiling issues within their database and server setups, and developed UI improvements as requested by their clients. We look forward to future projects such as internationalization and a client support/ticketing system. Noventum™ has been able to learn from OWS by working with different programming language setups (Angular 5, TypeScript, Webpack, Propel API, Slim Framework), and by efficiently interacting with a different business using remote teams. In return, we provide OWS professional custom software and we can’t wait for more.