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roofs™ Housing Management System

A product by Noventum™

Explore our FIRST housing management system to manage Section 8 Housing Programs

  • Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork & never-ending administrative tasks.
  • No longer worry about missing inspections, certifications, and expiring leases.
  • Account for landlord payments with ease & accuracy.
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Eliminate errors & Save time

2 seconds to generate your rent register & 3 seconds for the system to generate the Tenant Rent Portion Letter

Your housing coordinators can use roofs™ to generate a PDF that takes information from the lease and inform the tenants of their portion of the rent.

The whole process takes up to 2 seconds to generate your rent register, and 3 seconds to create the tenant rent portion letter

Manage routine tasks with ease

Structural fields allow you to easily keep track of clients, including referral sources, client statuses, and HIMS ID.

roofs™ provides structural fields for housing coordinators to efficiently manage clients’ information and referrals.

Track the fair market value of rent & rent overrides

Keep track of fair market value and display when the value is overridden
Helps make sure that the rent is reasonable in terms of the HUD guidelines while allowing managers to override for special instances

Receive automatic reminders

Avoid last minute scrambling to get tasks done

Supervisors will automatically receive reminders on inspections, certifications, expiring leases, and reports on which housing coordinators are late.

User-friendly Interface

Check out roofs™’s interface, the user-friendly design to save your time and improve efficiency.

Start 1-Month Free Trial

*We recommend NOT putting actual client data in the system during the free trial.

Interested in roofs™

If you’ve been using spreadsheets, whiteboards, and pieces of paper, check out roofs™ as a possible upgrade. Contact us to start your 1-month free trial! Have any questions? Leave your information, and we'll contact you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these below questions!

Still didn’t find the information you need? Please feel free to submit your questions via the form above, and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

How am I charged?2022-06-15T11:37:22-06:00

You’ll be charged monthly for system access, and we have a setup fee. If you want tons of customizations, those may need to be paid for.

Is there any trial price?2022-06-15T11:37:16-06:00

No. You can use a testing system, with no live data, if you want to get a feel for our system.

I’m not a non-profit, then is Roofs™ for me? How can I use Roofs?2022-06-15T11:37:09-06:00

If you’re getting paid by some government to put low income people into houses, we can talk. We’re not a general rental property management system, but are well situated to help put people into Section 8, or other, low income housing programs.

I’m a non-profit. How can I upload all paperwork fast and safely to start using the system?2022-06-15T11:37:01-06:00

This is still a bit of manual sales work. We need to know how many clients you’re managing, to price out Roofs™ access. After that, we’ll need to look at your organization’s data sharing agreement, and make sure it’s in line with our business associate agreements we have signed. Once we get paid, and put you on auto-pay, we’ll get started helping import your existing data.

I’m a non-profit, and I’m using another housing management system. How can I migrate the data to Roofs™ fast and safely?2022-06-15T11:36:54-06:00

This really depends on how well the other system supports data exports. Our entire system supports data imports.

How different is Roofs™ from Buildium property management?2022-06-15T11:36:46-06:00

Buildium is for commercial property management for landlords. It has a lot of amazing features, and makes commercial property management easy, but it completely ignores the social services aspect of managing a housing program for those on housing assistance.

I cannot login Roofs™?2022-06-15T11:36:23-06:00

Did you make sure your username/password was correct?

I still cannot login. The system says my account is locked.2022-06-15T11:36:17-06:00

If you wait 30 minutes, or call Brian at (505) 309-0692, your account will be unlocked.

I need to make a lot of changes, over and over, to Clients/Addresses/Landlords/etc. Can you write a program to do that?2022-06-15T11:36:06-06:00

Yes, we can. Call us at (505) 309-0692, or submit your request here.

You might also take a look at our import/export feature since you can probably do that in Excel.

How can I sign up for getting my nonprofit onto Roofs™?2022-06-15T11:35:55-06:00

Email us at or call us at ‪(505) 309-0692.

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