Project Description

Noventum™  is working to improve a homeless-less management information system.

A nonprofit in New Mexico reached out to us and shared their goal to manage data more efficiently. After analyzing their existing system, Noventum™ determines that visualizing a database is an appropriate approach to advancing the information system. Moreover, we’re working to enable accessibility from any device. Such accessibility would eventually help save time and human resources.

New updates in 2/2021: Since we’ve reached phase 4 of development, our programmers add new entities and fields. Also, we add new features. Google Oauth2 login is one of them. These features would maximize functionality, therefore, enhancing the user experience.

New updates in 4/2021: Meanwhile, Noventum™ is improving the user interface. We’re reviewing and refactoring the codebase. In addition, we deploy some features for the homeless-less management system.

New updates in 6/2021 The Noventum™ team continues to deploy new features for the homeless-less management system while setting up file management using AWS S3, an online storage solution for file and image uploads.

New updates in 11/2021 We built out a password reset mechanism, and the application can send password reset emails using Amazon’s Simple Email Sending (SES) service. The service exists in a sandbox, allowing only pre-selected domains to receive these emails. We’re currently using the free tier level, which can send 62,000 emails per month. That’s a lot of reset passwords!

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*Photo by Adam Thomas on Unsplash