Project Description

SmartSheet is sort of an online, shared, super feature-rich version of Excel. You can make SmartSheets (spreadsheets) that are able to do a bunch of different things, and you can write programs to access these sheets through Application Program Interface (API) calls. For this project, Noventum™ migrated a customer from version 1.1 of the SmartSheet API to version 2.0 in PHP. The differences here were:

  1. Actual sheets were inside response[‘data’] as opposed to response.
  2. No TYPE attributes for every single cell (but present on column descriptions, so this could be lined up using column descriptions.)
  3. No explicit parentRowNumber attribute (parentId was present, so parentRowNumber was possible to deduct by storing row numbers for everything which could be a parent.)
  4.  Minor changes in actual URLs called (GETing sheets/id rather than sheet/id.)
  5. Blank cells don’t show up as much (not a problem for me, since we didn’t care about the empties, but it was interesting to compare the differences.)

After figuring out #1 and #2 above, all of this customer’s existing code worked perfectly.

If you need help doing this, please contact Noventum™ as soon as possible. SmartSheet will deprecate their API in July of 2016, so all your code will stop working unless you migrate to their new API. If you have an application that works fine, and no one has modified it in years, if you use SmartSheet you need to upgrade.