Celebrate Sam’s Birthday at 505 Central

Last week, we threw a small birthday lunch for Sam at a food hall that Matt from Matt’s Mushroom Farm recommended to us. Sam has been Noventum’s Administrative Assistant since December, and she has been doing a great job keeping Noventum organized!

Lately, she’s helped Audre, from Wisdom of the Earth, set up her eCommerce site and get everyone ready for the site’s official launch. Setting up a detailed PDF invoice and packing slip for the Wisdom of the Earth orders has helped Sam explore her immense interest in programming.

Now, she’s starting to learn more about programming with Brian’s instructions and help!

The Woocommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin that you can use on your eCommerce site

Noventum’s Recent Activities

Hiring A Programmer

Noventum is hiring another programmer to begin to support our customers. Forward this to your programmer friend!

Website Redesign

Anwar worked on implementing Jeanne’s design changes for Golden Anderson Studios and for Diana Kirkpatrick. He’s also supporting the management system for one of our nonprofit clients in New Mexico working to end homelessness.

Website updates for a jewelry designer in Arroyo Seco

Jeanne has been working on some new 2021 site updates for Golden Anderson Studios. She helped translate the client’s wishes into aesthetically pleasing visuals in keeping with the original site design and functionality. Some of these tasks included working out new home page image buttons that could be editable by the clients themselves going forward and making the Shopify menu URLs direct more purposefully to keep viewers in the shop longer. She made some basic button and text content changes and translated out higher-tech tasks and plugin and site loading cleanup to our developers.

Social Media Support

Ngoc has been helping Matt’s Mushroom Farm to improve his social media and boost website sales. The team is happy to see significant and stable growth of the farm’s reputation, as well as monthly mushroom subscriptions. She also set up Google Analytics and a marketing custom field within the checkout process to help measure these improvements.

Lastly, thank you for reading and staying in touch.

Stay safe, do something fun, and see you in the next few months!

The Noventum Team