Our response to COVID-19

Remote Team Management Training

We can teach you how to use practical tools to manage your (now remote) team and stay productive.

These workshops will consist of small groups, and hands-on, online workshops with Noventum CEO, Brian Stinar, and our account manager, Jeanne Lambert Kidd.

You will learn:

  • Why you need a task management system
  • Why a task management system is important even without workers to manage
  • How to setup a task management system (either Jira or Asana)
  • How to track time
  • How to create projects, and share them with your workers
  • How to create clear written, actionable, tasks for your workers
  • How to systematize repeatable tasks by writing guides that your team can edit for continuous improvement
  • How to decide when to use tasks, instant messages, emails, text messages, or phone calls, or smoke symbols, for communication


  • Proficiency with email
  • Working webcam, microphone, and computer

Our expertise:

  • 5+ team members managed remotely
  • 8+ years of online communicating with clients
  • 100+ customers
  • 150+ online projects
  • 1000+ people who are taught WordPress, monthly
  • $500k+ revenue
  • Instructors: Brian Stinar, Jeanne Lambert Kidd

  • Length: 2 hours

Brian Stinar
Brian StinarFounder & CEO Noventum
Brian Stinar is a software development expert and experienced manager. He manages on a daily basis the remote Noventum team of 5 and over 100 projects using high-end online tools. He is a great educator. He runs WordPress Work-Alongs and has taught 1000+ people how to use WordPress for their online businesses. He is a member of the UNM Tech Council and is on the Computer Science advisement board at the University of New Mexico School of Engineering.
Jeanne Lambert Kidd
Jeanne Lambert KiddAccount Manager and Graphic Designer at Noventum
Jeanne manages Noventum’s Santa Fe accounts. She is an expert at patiently explaining different tools businesses use to move online. She handles Noventum accounts, and performs marketing and design work for them. She is happy to help explain how to function in a remote-work-only environment, and compare and contrast different tools.