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We’ve got a baby!

Congratulations to Ngoc and her family!
Ngoc gave birth to this healthy, lovely baby on Saturday, July 16th!
In Vietnamese, the baby’s name means “a Summer Lily” (“Hạ” means Summer).

Our recent projects

A massive system rewrite for Geeks Who Drink

Our client, Geeks Who Drink, had been relying on Podio, a software system vendor, until it crossed a boundary around June 29, 2022. That pulled Brian into software engineering to rewrite the MASSIVE system.

Rajesh fixed many automated tests, which are used to test the Geeks Who Drink’s application. He also decreased the loading of API calls on Podio, which used to slow down the app.

Read all about how Geeks Who Drink’s vendor collapsed, and what Noventum™ did to overcome it, within 10 days!

WordPress plugin

Pavel has been learning about configuring servers. He’s also working on a WordPress plugin to allow an online shop owner to sell custom products that require different size selections from their customers.

Roofs™ housing management system

Roofs™ is our first system created to help non-profits manage Section 8 Housing Program and put homeless people into house. As a part of the Roofs™ contract, Anwar continues to troubleshoot and support our current client.

Are you interested in Roofs™? Start free trial or talk to us now.

A fond farewell to Sam…

Sam is moving on to a new opportunity, and her last month at Noventum is September.

She has been keeping Noventum organized while helping clients with any issues that would arise. Her latest accomplishment was helping KDAlive implement designs for three different landing pages for his new book, Navigate to the Lighthouse. Thanks, Sam!

And welcome Michelle to the team!

Michelle-Alexandra Brown is the new office coordinator for Noventum™. She has recently moved to Albuquerque and can’t wait to go to the various museums, art galleries, and cultural centers the state of New Mexico has to offer.

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