A WordPress Plugin for School Management System

Amy Biehl High School, an Albuquerque charter school, employs a school management system also used by 10,000 to 20,000 schools. The vendor for this system wanted to charge Amy Biehl High School $7,000 to change the labels on a form from “father’s name” and “mother’s name” to “guardian 1” and “guardian 2.”

As the concern of budget was raised, Noventum built a WordPress plugin that talks with the student management system, via supported and unsupported APIs, so that these forms could be managed in WordPress. Total cost for this solution? Only $2,000.

Noventum has explicit rights so we can sell this software to other people, and Amy Biehl has a perpetual single-site license. Therefore, this product exists and has been sold/developed for one customer – It is live.

As the result, the vendor has already contacted us, multiple times, regarding the technological pushes we made while understanding how to integrate with their system. They are interested in learning more about what we do and why we asked the questions we asked.