Carve the turkey the Noventum way!

Credit: Junchao, Software engineer.

Carve the turkey!

Tis The Season!

We’re a month away from another year’s end, and we can’t thank you more for connecting and accompanying us over the years.

Covid hits small businesses and nonprofits extremely hard. While searching for a way to thrive, we found Google has a cool offer for nonprofits around the world – a $10,000 ad grant per month for the search ads (Imagine what you can do with that much money!)

Last month, we brought it into action by helping Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates (MDRGWA), a nonprofit dedicated to water protection in New Mexico, successfully applied for Google for Nonprofits and received $10,000 ad grants. MDRGWA now gets Noventum‘s full support to start their first search ad to improve brand awareness and reach out to more donators.

We think of this as an opportunity to help each other and are happy to help any nonprofits that benefit from the free grant – free of charge. Let us know if you need help with the whole process!

Merry Christmas

Our Latest Projects

Brian & Geeks Who Drink

Remember the online pub quiz we joined a couple of months ago? Brian has completed a MongoDB migration for Geeks Who Drink, the world’s largest pub quiz trivia company.

Geeks Who Drink migrates to online quizzes during the lock-down and has been relying on a database provider, which is going away. Brian migrated the database from one cloud provider to another, after extensive testing, with about 15 minutes of downtime. This will ensure their application for quiz management continues to function.

Mongo DB

Junchao & Homeless Nonprofit

We are still working with a nonprofit in Albuquerque, and Junchao is working to improve its homeless management information system. We now reach phase 4 of development to add new entities, fields, and features, such as Google Oauth2 login, to maximize functionality and user experience.

Google Auth

Jeanne & Wisdom of The Earth

Jeanne has begun working on a redesign for Wisdom of The Earth’s aromatherapy site. We’re just in the preliminary landing page design phase, working on font choices and color palates. We have some nice options available, and below are a few sneak peeks of the designs in progress.

Wisdom of the Earth

Ngoc & Eldorado In Santa Fe

Lisa Smith is a top producer among real estate agents in Santa Fe. Lisa perceives market slowdowns as an opportunity to improve her website’s efficiency.

Ngoc has cleaned up broken links and images, re-organized categories, pages, and posts on her website. In particular, we have added a new page, 3D Property Videos, to show properties virtually to Lisa’s clients. Buying houses sight-unseen has become a trend, an alternative choice in response to the lock-down.

Anwar & KDAlive

After the first 20-years of his career working in Silicon Valley and Asia helping technology startups, Kurt Davis took off time for traveling to Africa and the Himalayas. The inspirational experiences engaged him to learn more about well-being and mental health practice.

KDAlive is a platform of those interests to help young professionals and entrepreneurs find work-life balance and live more fulfilling lives. Noventum is in the process of creating a new application for Kurt which will help focus on well-being.

Anwar has been building the website from scratch. Now, he developed a custom WordPress theme template for post categories, which allowed the addition of custom category metadata used in automatically generated category pages with custom design for KDAlive.

Again, Happy Holidays!

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The Noventum Team