Spring is here!

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We’d love to share with you Max’s very first picture on the day that he was born!

Two big events are going on at Noventum: Baby Max, and Noventum’s new team member, Oleg Semenov are onboard!

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Spring birthdays

Projects in Spring

Brian had been focusing on project management – making sure deliverables were in line with customer expectations (budget, functionality, timeline), coordinating code deployments to minimize down time, and helping a client deal with a rage-quit incident from a security perspective, involving a recent ex-employee.

Rajesh had successfully built a missing blog feature on a client’s application.  He then started working on Geeks Who Drink application to create Special Events from the Podio web-based platform.

Anwar had been working on a WordPress development project to review the website code. Besides, he upgraded ElasticSearch, a distributed search and analytics engine, then migrated data for a client’s application.

Pavel worked on a database query to retrieve and worked with a wholesale/retail customer for orders, in which he found clients who used to place orders with the help of a master distributor, but later began to place orders on their own. This made their wholesale representatives nervous!

Ivan focused on improving Sitespinner, a Noventum proprietary WordPress plugin that is active on our website. Besides that, he helped improve the Wisdom of the Earth website, and set up local environment for Biteline, a startup in South Carolina that connected dental professionals with open opportunities.

Yehor was also a part of the Biteline project: He has made significant improvements on the Biteline app admin panel, including bulk SMS, reporting, and tools to allow Biteline employees to manage data themselves.

The Last Ski Before Spring

We hope you enjoy Spring’s shining sun, its crystal clear sky, and the refreshing air.

Thank you for staying connected, *|FNAME|*!

The Noventum™ team, Brian, Rajesh, Nadya and the kids at the Ski Lift Pitch to support Kurt Davis and Biteline

The Noventum™ team, Brian, Rajesh, Nadya and the kids at the Ski Lift Pitch to support Kurt Davis and Biteline (who finished in the top three!)

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