And it’s time to say goodbye

A Fond Farewell

Kyler’s last Thursday was bittersweet…He finished up an internship with Noventum and is now moving on to a full-time position with ADB Companies. Kyler has extensive expertise in sales and marketing and brought a new perspective and level of excitement to Noventum.

We wish him well!

Warm Welcome to Our New Girl!

Due to Covid-19, we skipped all the conventional steps but still provided the warmest welcome to Ngoc Huynh to the Noventum family.
Ngoc is currently a business student at CNM. Her five years of expertise in brand image is adding value to our social media performance. 

She loves planting and animals, and now she is fostering seven orphaned kittens from Animal Humane New Mexico.

Yes, Our Summer Starts with Inspiring Projects!

We Joined NMITAP

We are putting Junchao, our Software Engineer, through NMITAP, New Mexico Information Technology Apprentice Program – This program is designed to increase the skills of New Mexico’s workforce.

As a part of the program, he created a diagram to visually explain the difference in technologies that we apply to our client’s projects

And We Honor New Mexico Water Protectors

While working with Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates, a water conservancy in New Mexico, we learned about Dan Garduno’s The Drop of Water and teamed up with him and other water protectors. This lovely hand-blown glass pendant is our gift to honor their dedication.

Also, We have been building and specializing a number of programs just for nonprofits. If you are interested in working on grant-funded projects and would like to learn more, contact us.

A Successful Marketing Campaign for Avatrine Financial

Kyler supported Avatrine Financial in building a landing page for their first campaign ever, which introduced the new international travel plan post COVID-19 pandemic. And here is the result:

  • Open rate: 46.1% compared to 21.36% average open rate of the Insurance Industry
  • Click rate: 1% compared to 2.1% average click rate of the Insurance Industry
Great job, Kyler!

Site maintenance & Branding support for Vision Case Management (VCM)

Jeanne recently completed a series of brochures for VCM. Besides website maintenance, we support them in content updates and printed/branding materials. Below is a sneak peek of Jeanne’s awesome work.

We are Launching a New Website for Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates 

We are happy to build a new website for helping our client promote their organization.

This is also Junchao’s latest project since he graduated from UNM with a master’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s in Business Administration! Great job, Junchao!

WordPress Plugin for Oakley Studio

Junchao finished developing a plugin to generate a website traffic report page in the WordPress dashboard for monitoring purposes. This helps Oakley Studio, and their customers see how much bandwidth their website uses, right in their WordPress dashboard.

And There We Are – Our First Outing to Welcome Summer!

What is summer without outdoor activities? We refresh our minds by stretching our muscles. And of course, we implement a new pandemic rule for tennis – “No Coughing on the Tennis Ball.” From left to right, you meet Kyler – the athlete, Alex – our child laborer, Brian – Alex & Noventum’s father, and Junchao – Mr. “A little bit of everything” as to how he calls himself.

Lastly, Happy Start of Summer!

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