Dear 2023, Our Team is Getting BIGGER!

Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash

Warm welcome to our new hires!

How we started 2023

Brian Stinar, our Co-founder and CEO, delivered a presentation at the Google Developer Group this month. The topic, Podio – or Why Be Careful Who You Depend on, was a recent project for Geeks Who Drink, that was shared on our blog post. The presentation was further packed with more detailed, vivid illustration.

Brian also has successfully recruited Ivan and Yehor to the Noventum™ team! The process involved a lot of back and forth emails for scheduling, writing offers, negotiating, and onboarding work. Thankfully, he had received a lot of help from Anwar and a Noventum™ advisor, who provided technical help during the programmer interviews. He’s been trying to streamline and systematize the hiring process per role, so it’s easier to repeat, delegate, and produce more consistent results

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