SiteSpinner WordPress Plugin


A custom plugin which allows WordPress administrators to quickly setup new sites.




Noventum’s proprietary WordPress plugin for fast site creation, development, and testing.

Please check out our product specification here.

SiteSpinner is a completely custom plugin, which allows WordPress administrators to quickly create new WordPress sites. These sites are generally hosted on the same server the plugin is installed on, and can be customized to some degree. Each site “spun” up has a custom:

  • Administrative account
  • Set of plugins
  • htpasswd configuration
  • DNS subdomain

This is a digital product, which is a promise to buyers that the Noventum team will setup and demonstrate the proprietary SiteSpinner Plugin on one of your servers. This is an advanced plugin; each setup is unique and requires several remote credentials and specific server configurations. Furthermore, depending on your environment and other needs, setup could require special code implementations.

Purchasing this allows you to download the plugin an unlimited number of times. A .zip file includes all setup scripts and source codes. We are interested in working with you to improve this product. A $25/month subscription fee for this product ensures that we can provide the latest code, respond to feature or improvement requests, and support you and/or your team using the plugin. You are welcome to continue to use this product out of support. We will call you, get your credit card information, and set it up for reoccurring billing before we configure this on your server. We will continue to charge you $25 / month forever, until your credit card expires or you tell us to cancel.