Noventum is hiring!

Noventum builds custom software for our clients. The company has two main lines of business – basic websites, and software engineering projects. Think about the kind of brochures any business could use – flyers, business cards, brochures. The business websites we create all serve basically the same function, which is to market the business, manage communication and (sometimes) to sell things online. We support lawyers, jewelers, an artisan Lavender producer, a social worker, and many other types of businesses. This line of Noventum’s business needs someone that is studying, or has studied, marketing formally (in a degree program.) Our other line of business also needs marketing help, but it is not as clear of a demand.

We work with pleasant customers, fire the bad ones, and have a good time working on software.

The position of marketing intern requires constant learning, and growth, and a physical presence in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When you are done improving, learning, and growing, it is time for additional responsibilities, or to leave the company. Initially, this job has the following responsibilities:

  • Manage all internal Noventum marketing material for consistency, regular use, and measure efficiency of such efforts on sales
  • Manage all marketing efforts for external customers, including, but not limited to:
    • MailChimp and other mailing lists
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Product modification – description, images, prices, product promotions, for eCommerce customers
    • Fulfilled by Amazon (Amazon Prime) management for one Amazon Store build-out Noventum completed
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Adsense
  • Perform sales work for Noventum
  • Perform WordPress content changes that account managers request
  • Attend weekly WordPress work-along meetings to learn WordPress development at 6:30 p.m. on Thursdays at Ideas and Coffee.
  • Coordinate with the rest of the Noventum team using corporate G-Suite (Google) tools, and Atlassian tools for Project management (Confluence = this wiki, Stash = Git revision control for coding projects, JIRA = issue tracker)
  • Continue to progress towards a marketing, or business, degree, so that your skills and responsibilities will increase
  • Pickup donuts, and deliver them, every Wednesday morning to 1,000,000 Cups, which Noventum sponsors, and promote Noventum at that event
  • Occasionally provide marketing, sales, and management support to the owner’s unrelated rental property business
  • Pickup mail, deposit checks, accounting, schedule meetings, and other administrative tasks needed to keep a business running
  • Posses a working, reliable, vehicle to accomplish the above
  • Any other tasks as needed

You will not be penalized for ignorance of a technology, or a business process, as long as that ignorance is communicated, and there is a plan to improve. However, this position requires responsibility, and integrity. Any lapse in responsibility or integrity is immediate grounds for firing. This involves consistent, repeated, inability to use Google Calendar to schedule (and follow) work times and availability.

There are a number of regularly scheduled events which this position needs to attend. The requires a working car. The only acceptable excuse for missing these events is college coursework, and typically that must be scheduled ahead of time and completed early to avoid conflicts. If college class schedules interfere, then this needs to be discussed with your manager before the start of the new semester. We highly recommend a discussion about your coursework before the semester begins to avoid any last minute scheduling problems. This also allows Noventum work to be used for actual course projects, which is great.

This is a 15 hour per week, minimum, position. This is a 25 hour per week, maximum, position. During breaks from college, this can become a full time position.  As part of this employment agreement, you agree not to take any other employment positions.

Work for this needs to be completed either at Noventum’s coworking space, Free Range, in Nob Hill, FatPipe in East Downtown, or our downtown office. You will also work at the Ideas and Coffee coworking space for the WordPress work-alongs.

This position will automatically expire January 13, 2019.

If all of this sounds good to you, please fill out the below application!