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About Noventum

Noventum builds custom software for our clients. The company has two main lines of business – marketing websites, and software engineering projects. Think about the kind of brochures any business could use, such as flyers, business cards, etc. The business websites we create all serve basically the same function, which is to market the business, manage communication and (sometimes) to sell things online. We support lawyers, jewelers, an artisan Lavender producer, social workers, and many other types of businesses as well as nonprofits. The other aspect requires software engineering skills to construct custom databases, applications, mobile apps for Android or iOS, and the occasional desktop application. Think about custom things – collecting data, building out reports, and allowing different people to access different things.

We work with pleasant customers, fire the bad ones, and have a good time working on software.

All of this requires administrative support, similar to any business.

About this Position

You will be put on 3-month probation for this position. Please do not apply unless you can work from close to now until three months.

This is a 30 hours per week, minimum, and 40 hours per week, maximum, position.

As part of this employment agreement, you agree not to take any other employment positions.

Working in this position, you will

  • Get hands-on experience with real-world clients, from an administrative, support, marketing, business administration, and possibly technical, perspective.
  • Get training and learn new skills
  • Help organize and run a successful local software company
  • Participate in promoting software applications and software development services


  • You can work 30-40 hours per week
  • You can work at least three months
  • You can work 100% in-person at Ideas and Coffee, on San Mateo and Indian School, in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • You can stay organized using different organizational tools


  • No programming skills required
  • You try and understand why someone wants to do something, rather than blinding doing what your manager/boss/supervisor says, since you might have better ideas with how to accomplish their goal
  • Basic knowledge of administrative functions, including scheduling meetings, sorting emails, coordinating communication with developers, customers, and other stakeholders
  • Interest in learning basic knowledge of accounting, human resources, project management and legal issues for business and can be applied as acquired
  • Willingness to learn, grow, and develop
  • Good team work skills
  • A positive, friendly attitude in dealing with our team, customers, and the general public
  • Provide at least two week’s written notice to quit, one month is better
  • Posses a working, reliable, vehicle with insurance and a valid license to accomplish the duties – mileage will be reimbursed
  • Integrity, especially with regard to confidential information you may encounter while doing this job
  • Flawless command of the English language – no trouble with subject/verb agreement
  • A valid driver’s license, car, insurance, and a set of wheels with some tread on them

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The position of administrative assistant requires constant learning, and growth, and a physical presence in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When you are done improving, learning, and growing, it is time for additional responsibilities, or to leave the company. Initially, this job has the following responsibilities:

  • Providing the CEO with email support, including responses to customers, and Noventum workers
  • Coordinate internal communication, and external communication, to ensure that meetings are properly scheduled, with agendas organized, and collect and organize data needed before the meeting
  • Organize, test, and improve documentation (Google Docs, Wiki.)
  • Perform WordPress content changes, including non-programming configurations, that account managers, and customers, request (we will train you on WordPress.)
  • Basic project management – follow up with clients when we need to get images, text, videos, and other things from them.
  • Perform weekly WordPress security updates, backups, and tests
  • Attend weekly Noventum team meetings, and individual meetings with your manager
  • Coordinate with the rest of the Noventum team using corporate G-Suite (Google) tools, and Atlassian tools for Project management (Jira = issue tracker)
  • Continue to progress towards a business, or marketing, degree, so that your skills and responsibilities will increase
  • Perform part of the sales work for Noventum
  • Pickup mail, deposit checks, accounting, schedule meetings, and other administrative tasks needed to keep a business running
  • Generate reports for customers, and Noventum workers
  • Identify tasks that require programming skills to accomplish effectively and communicate them with programmers colleagues
  • Identify mindlessly repetitive tasks, communicate them with programmer colleagues so they can automate these with custom software
  • Occasionally provide support to the owner’s rental property business
  • Other tasks as needed

You will not be penalized for ignorance of a technology, or a business process, as long as that ignorance is communicated, and there is a plan to improve. However, this position requires responsibility, integrity and confidentiality.

There are a number of regularly scheduled events which this position needs to attend. This position requires access to working transportation, with insurance and a license (if applicable). We highly recommend a discussion about your coursework before the semester begins to avoid any last minute scheduling problems. This also allows Noventum work to be used for actual course projects, which is great.

Work for this position needs to be completed at our offices at Ideas and Coffee. In the event of anything requiring businesses to cease in-person operation, this will become an unpaid furlough for the duration of the shut down (thanks lock-downs.)

Company Values

  • Humor – jokes and a good sense of humor make everything smoother
  • Hard work – writing high quality software is not easy, and neither is dealing with high powered business owners
  • Self reliance – as a small company, most of our training programs involve looking things up on Google.
  • Quality – short cuts, and crappy code, are both common things to find in software development. We come up with high quality solutions which are good in the short/medium/long terms. This also applies to administrative and operational work as well.

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